Sunday, 19 December 2010

KBC takes back Channel 2, renames KTV

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation -  KBC - has refused to renew Radio Africa's lease of TV frequency, following a drama earlier this year involving World Cup rights.

Now, the state is taking back Classic TV frequency, and will rename it KTV. Initially, before leasing it to Radio Africa - the company that runs Kiss radio/TV and Classic FM and The Star newspaper - the TV in question was called Channel 2, and way back earlier, Metro TV.

Director of Information and Public Communication Ezekiel Mutua will be directing programmes at KTV, just like the way he personally runs Kenya Today newspaper. KTV will be showing programmes on bee keeping in Gucha, poultry projects in Msambweni, water projects in Lodwar and peace efforts in Transmara... Most of the footage the new TV will be showing are from Kenya News Agency bureaux.

KBC is taking back the frequency after a biter row earlier this issue relating to a World Cup deal. 

Ahead of South Africa World Cup, KBC and Radio Africa struck a deal to jointly air the matches on TV. When the games got underway, it turned out that KBC sold radio broadcasting rights to Citizen radio, and it was not clear also how Milele FM was also broadcasting the same, too.

Radio Africa raised a storm over it and KBC director David Waweru was sacked. And this was when KBC board decided to have Channel 2 (Classic TV) frequency back.

Now, KISS TV has started broadcasting Nigerian movies that used to be broadcast on Classic TV. Kiss TV has also been lying that KISS TV and Classic TV have merged, while the truth is, KBC has taken back the frequency they had leased to Radio Africa.

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