Monday, 6 December 2010

AIC's Yego ''sacks'' Kenyan radio director

The head of the Akamba-Kalenjin dominated Africa Inland Church (AIC), the Rev Silas Yego, is desperately seeking to sack the director of the Biblia Husema Broadcasting (BHB) radio (90.9FM), Rev Christopher Arap Mutai. AIC runs BHB.

Rev Yego, who has been fighting another battle over the church's revised constitution, has written a letter to Rev Mutai, asking him to quit.

I have no idea at all why  Rev Yego is seeking to dismiss the broadcaster of 25 years.

You probably remember Rev Mutai in 80s and 90's for his weekly ''Wimbo Niupendao'' programme on KBC Kiswahili Service on weekends. In 1981, Biblia Husema Broadcasting was brought out from under Africa Inland Mission and placed fully within the Africa Inland Church, and in the same year Rev Mutai succeeded was named the managing director of Biblia Husema Broadcasting.

Over the years, Rev Mutai has been the face that the donors and partners have been dealing with. He has been trusted and BHB funded over the year; in his name. Can someone, privately let us know why Rev Yego wants to sack Rev Mutai?

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