Sunday, 19 December 2010

Emmy Kosgey's Wololoo album

Top Kalenjin name in music Emmy Kosgey is finalizing work on her fourth album to be released early next year. I have had a preview of the lead title in Emmy's new album, and i liked it very much.

The new album will pretty much have a similar sound and tune to her third and biggest album yet, Taunet Neleel. But in the new album, she introduces a blend of English lyrics.

He three albums, Katau Banda, Kaswech and Taunet Neleel have exclusively been in her native Kalenjin. Emmy says she is now seeking to reach more audiences by including stanzas in English.

By the time she finishes work on the new album, Emmy will be hoping to launch her website,

Wololoo (Kalenjin for no way or simply no), or its equivalent, is the title of one of the songs in her upcoming album.

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