Monday, 6 December 2010

Eastleigh grenade that killed police officer

Police officers were playing with a grenade while driving along the Nairobi's Somali-populated Eastleigh neighbourhood on Friday when the security pin dropped. The grenade exploded, killing one of the officers.

A senior police officer has told a contact that the police officers themselves were the ones who were holding the grenade that exploded, killing one of them.  The theory on someone hurling a grenade and disappearing to an alley is a lie, and police chiefs know that.

So on the basis of this, the truth be told that Somalia's Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab rebels were not involved (and this is not the same thing as saying that some of them don't operate from the area).

And it appears there was only one grenade in the Landrover 110 that the officers were in.

So FBI officers investigating the killing of the police constable should just read this blog and put forward their recommendations on police officers who amuse themselves with grenades and other such explosives.

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