Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Mysterious Death of Mercy Keino… Anything About Drugs?

Wasini Luxury Homes on Church Road, off Waiyaki Way, the place where Mercy Keino attended a party and later died on 17 June is known for a series of clandestine activities... and drugs.

A contact who has often been to the place, just off Waiyaki Way in Nairobi has told this blog of the covert nature of the activities often held in the luxurious venue.

''Before entering, one is thoroughly screened for drugs, weapons and other nasty stuff; while car registration numbers are cross checked for minutes by guards,'' she said.

MP William Kabogo and other MPs, as well as some rich and wealth people frequent the venue, to discuss business and other clandestine activities.

So that brings me to my next point, whatever Mercy Keino was doing at Wasini Luxury Homes on 17 May, and later dying has got so much to do with regular activities held in the place. I may be wrong, but listening so much of contacts of this blog describing activities which often take place at the venue, it is difficult to see Ms Keino's attendance as just courtesy of a cousin's invitation.

I feel so sad to say it may be really difficult for police to get to know who killed her.

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