Friday, 17 June 2011

I am redefining my relationship with all my friends

Trusting friends can be very disappointing, especially after learning that most human beings are painfully unreliable!

In the past several months, I have been wondering if friendships are worth the trouble one goes through to maintain. Today, I believe some friendships are not worth anything… some, if not most of the friendships.

Maybe, put it differently, real friends are hard to come by. I think many people don’t have real friends. I think I am among the many many people who don’t have any real friends to speak to when under the weather, of generally wants to speak on more personal issues.

I have decided that I won’t take some of the friendships with most of my friends seriously at all. In fact, I am planning on seeking to make one or two real friends.

To me, it appears that most of the friendships many people cultivate these days are based on interests, nothing personal. Friendship is like politics, as it were.

From today, I have redefined the nature of my relationship with all my ‘’ friends’’ –of course excerpt two people close to my heart.  Sincerely, the rest will remain good acquaintances. Yes.

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