Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Losing Friends, Seeking New Ones

Loosing a good friend can be disorienting. Losing two good ones can be very scary. In the past month, I lost two good friends. Of the two - the latest I lost - was somebody I spoke a similar language on spiritual growth.

Anyway, I don’t know my role in the collapse of my friendship with these two people. Interesting enough, they were my good friends, but they were not, themselves, friends. So that got me thinking, maybe I am to blame, maybe not.

So, I have been out and about seeking some ideas on how to deal with loosing a friend. And I have had some nice ideas.

- Stop driving and use public transport, experience the madness of loud music.
- Carry a book to read - nothing about relationships. Maybe something on Operation Orchard - the Israeli airstrike on a suspected Syrian nuclear reactor.
- Go back to chase up a lecturer who has not issued exam marks for some 2008 exam; or start your masters/PHD thesis immediately.
- Of course a change of glasses can come in handy. More importantly, divert phone calls over the weekend.

These have worked for me.

But seriously, it is so shocking how human beings have attached so much value to relationships. 
Maybe I should seek new friends… people we can speak on African politics, American movie industry, UK media, Afghanistan poppies, religion, Dar es Salaam's heat…

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