Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Is The World Ending on 21 May 2011? How to Prepare

Is your community/church etc preparing anything special ahead of this coming ''end of time'' weekend''? Kindly let me know.

I remember in 1994 when we heard that the end of the world was coming. It was such a panicky time. We were so surprised that we were back in school the following day.

Yet, against, another prediction of end of time has come to being. According to a small American Christian movement, 21 May will mark the end of the world, or Rupture.
Harold Egbert Camping

The movement, led by Harold Camping, who runs the Evangelical network Family Radio, is predicting that this Saturday, God will bring about Judgment Day - the time when the earth will be destroyed because of mankind's sins and all Christian believers will ascend to heaven.
Camping used mathematical calculations, that comes about by interpreting prophecies hidden in the Bible, to get this date - 21 May.

In Nairobi, while driving along Langata Road, i keep thinking about this prediction. 

Langata billboard in Swahili
Every time i see this billboard carrying this message along this road, I often ask myself, could it be that this American knows what the rest of us do not know. Or is it that he is among the false prophets we were warned about some while back.
I don't know. 

Meanwhile, just in case things don't look too good, kindly observe the following things as we await the day.

(1) Clear your phone browsing history
(2) Return all borrowed DVDs
(3) Pass by the bank and get some money (it is actually recommended that you withdraw all the cash in your account) and lastly,
(4) Don't tell your mother-in-law what you really think about her. (You can actually decide to tell her)

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  1. And i have just heard that Malawi authorities have ordered removal of ''end of the world'' billboard in Blantyre.