Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Jamaican Sex Dance Permeates Kenyan Clubs

There is some dirty dancing style in town. The style represents an exaggeration of some Jamaican dance, which initially had some good level of decorum, but has since subject of controversy.

Actually, this dance simulated sexual acts and positions. In popular respected restaurants, this super-lewd dancing style has become so popular. In the past one week, several videos have been posted to YouTube depicting people in this dancing style.

It is called Daggering as an artistic form of dance originating from the Caribbean, especially Jamaica, incorporating some frantic movement. In this case, dagger means the penis, and that means it is supposed to stab a bending woman, girl!

In light of these details, Jamaican Broadcasting Commission has banned all songs with explicit sexual content from radio and television.

It appears RDX, a Jamaican group imported the dance to Kenya some days ago. There are no indications that this dance style will stop in Kenya soon.

See recent You Tube videos here:

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