Monday, 16 May 2011

Samuel Wanjiru Kills Himself; Trends on Twitter

In death, Samuel Wanjiru became one the most talked about elements in social media, hours after killing himself in his home in Nyahururu, central Kenya.

Police say the Olympic marathon champion killed himself by jumping off his home balcony in the dead of the night early today. He jumped from his first floor balcony to the ground. Yes first floor!

The story is this: Wanjiru, 24, came home last evening with a female companion. Hours later, the athlete's wife, Triza Njeri, then came home, unexpectedly, to find Wanjiru in bed with another woman. She then locked the couple in the bedroom and went outside. From this point, Wanjiru then leapt from the balcony to his death.
With wife, in happier times (From Daily Nation newspaper)
So then Njeri, and the woman Wanjiru was with, supposedly a bar maid, are being held by police.

When Wanjiru was, last December, charged in court with threatening to kill his wife, there should have been indications that that relationship was not getting far, or at least, one of them should have mad an about turn about that tormenting marriage.

While his body was lying at some hospital in Nyahururu, Samul Wanjiru, or what remained ot it, rose to become of the most talked of issues on Monday morning on Facebook, Twitter and in blogs.

On Twitter, it was the seventh top trending topic after IMF's sex scal, Strass-Khan.

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