Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Poor Ruth Konchellah, What Happened?

When Ruth Konchellah, a pretty Maasai woman, spoke on 28 April this year, she did not mince her words about how she felt about Michael Ranneberger.

''Today Michael is a good friend. Michael you are so great, you are so lovely. I love your compassion," she told him, looking flustered, shifting her full cheeks and torso and seemingly unafraid of dignitaries, including ministers, diplomats, corporate executives, and friends of the outgoing US envoy.

She repeated what she had told newspapers that the ambassador ''discovered Africa while I discovered first world love".
It appears some things have changed a bit since that warm April. Maybe many have. Contacts of this blog have met Ms Ruth Konchellah several times in Nairobi and reported seeing a forlorn woman from Kilgoris, the capital of windswept Transmara District. She seems threadbare, unhappy and generally under the weather.

Somehow, things appear not to have worked well between her and the US ambassador. She is sullen and with rudimentary looks.

She has not spoken to anyone close to this blog about what became of her. But it is take that the ambassador was unable to take her with him to the USA - for whatever reasons; or maybe he refused. Maybe he did not love her after all. Maybe the State Department did not clear her.

It is not clear if she's been back to her Cherish Others NGO which aims at fighting against girls circumcision.

But whatever is the case, Ruth has seen better days.

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