Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Fashion writer new Newsweek editor!

The beautiful, controversial and often ruthless Tina Brown, aka Lady Evans, CBE; a British export, top fashion writer and journalist is taking over as editor of American second biggest weekly news magazine, Newsweek.

One of the unusual things with Ms Brown is that she became the editor of Tatler, an British society journal when she was 25 years. Also, the author of ''The Diana Chronicles'', a biography of Diana, Princess of Wales, Ms Brown has been the editor of Vanity Fair (1984- 1992 and also, The New Yorker.

(Photo Caption: Tina Brown)

Just before taking up the post at Newsweek, Ms Brown's recent work was as publisher of a news and opinion website, The Daily Beast, that has now merged with Newsweek.

Now, at Newsweek, she has announced that she is re-designing the magazine and that a new copy will be out by April-May this year. 

I suppose one of the biggest issue she will be aiming to do is raise circulation of Newsweek, and maybe ultimately beat USA's leading news weekly, TIME. Of course Newsweek has seen better days, with global circulation having dropped from over four million copies in 2003 to just over 1.5million copies at present; compared to over 3.3 million copies with TIME.

 One of the most controversial moment for Ms Brown when with Vanity Fair was when, in August 1991, she published a nude photo of actress Demi Moore who was seven months pregnant.  

(Photo caption: the controversial Vanity Fair cover page sanctioned by Ms Brown)

 Accused in the past as ''kissing the ass of celebrities'', it will be quite interesting to see how she will manage to reconcile her background in fashion writing/editing and hard news while at Newsweek.

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