Thursday, 27 January 2011

Reuters to Close Africa Journal, Cut Jobs

Thomson Reuters is closing its weekly TV news magazine Africa Journal.

The high quality programme that is packaged in Nairobi by a team of about 10 producers working under Nina S. will be running three or so more series before closing sometime in February or early March.

It is such a difficult time for the producers and contributors who now stand a big chance of losing their jobs.

Contacts say the closure of the programme has got nothing to do with loses that Reuters may have been making. Actually, the agency has been making money. It is then possible that Reuters wants to concentrate on their core business - data, numbers and busines risk analysis. By the way, news is not Reuters' main business, although they are in serious competition with AFP, not as much with AP.

But the decision to close Africa Journal is quite odd when other media outless are investing more in programmes on Africa.

Africa Journal is syndicated in many countries in Africa. In Kenya, it airs Thursday night on KTN, after fleeing NTV.

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  1. Oh My Great God! What a sad thing!! This is the only programme that I cant miss out on Tv. I have worked for Africa Journal weekly magazine for four years, I I loved it.I think terminating it will lead to massive loss of jobs and loss of a programme that we all like to watch. Not a good idea to end the programe. John Macharia