Thursday, 6 January 2011

Henry Kosgey parts ways with Raila Odinga

Henry Kosgey is quite bitter with Raila Odinga and for sure, he is only buying time before he parts ways with him.

The arrogant and wealthy Kalenjin politician is mad at Odinga for seemingly being a hypocrite.

Two things have irked Kosgey so much that on 15 December last month, he shouted obscenities against Odinga in presence of his bodyguards and assistants. Then, after ICC prosecutor named him among five other potential suspects of the 2008 violence, Kosgey really wanted to part ways with Odinga but thought to hold on and see how the ICC business gets along.

This past week, he made a final decision to part ways with Odinga, but he is only buying time. What has angered him is that Odinga has not spoken out publicly in support of him over the car importation issue that has now become a court case.

Kosgey is angry that Odinga knew all along that he was being investigated by the anti-corruption agency but did not inform him of the issue. And he is saying, Odinga has not spoken publicly in his support, even knowing that the issue at hand is more or less a technicality - he merely used a law that is in the country's statute books to grant waivers on the importation of about 100 cars

Earlier, after ICC prosecutor named him, Kosgey seems convinced that Odinga knew all along that he is in Ocampo list, but it was only a few hours before being named, that Odinga's aide, Karoli Omondi told him that he was in the list. He was so shocked.

Aides have spoken to this blog about Kosgey's thinking, going forward from here. He does not trust Odinga anymore. It appears then that he is waiting to be ''cleared'' of the two issues before he calls it quits.

And by the way, Kosgey and William Ruto have been speaking in recent days since these issues came up. It is not clear what they have been telling each other.

Fact file:
Kosgey is the second longest serving MP after President Kibaki. He is quite rich. He is very arrogant. He comes third among Kalenjin's wealthy people; after Moi, Biwott and Kulei.
He has been charged with 12 counts of abuse of office relating to the import waiver he granted.
He has been involved in some other scandals in the past.
He can sponsor parliamentary candidates by himself in the entire Rift Valley.

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