Wednesday, 26 January 2011

SK, Raila agree on Kibaki succession

The immensely wealthy businessman, Samuel Kamau Macharia or simply SK, the owner of Royal Media Services, has set his eyes on Kibaki succession in a strategic positioning to ensure his businesses continue surviving.

Over the years, SK has been Mwai Kibaki's supporter, and even the output of his media empire, Citizen TV, radio and eight vernacular radios attests as to that.

But now, he has spoken out publicly against Kibaki's apparent endorsement of Uhuru Kenyatta/William Ruto/Kalonzo Musyoka (KKK) and company, to seek his blessing to take over power from him when he retires next year.

While attending a rally in company of Petter Kenneth and Kibaki's second wife, Mary Wambui, four days ago, SK publicly spoke out against KKK. He rarely speaks publicly like so.  

He may have realized that Raila Odinga will win next year's presidential elections. (I don't think it will be easy for Odinga to win the poll; he may not win). Just days earlier, on 24 January, Kibaki had attended a rally in Eldoret in what was seen as tacit endorsement of Ruto/Kenyatta's fight to succeed him after late next year.

Earlier, it had been thought that Kibaki may endorse Odinga for president next year. But that now appears to have been misplaced. I have said in the past that had it not been for the ICC, Kibaki would have not been interested in his succession. But now, with ICC seeking to try his aide, Francis Muthaura (and to some extent Kenyatta over Mungiki), Kibaki knows that he needs somebody he can trust to remain in office.

Kibaki does not trust Odinga in office as president to ''protect him'', and he is considering backing Kenyatta/Ruto; or at least people who have been in KANU and who he can do business with.

Contacts say Odinga's aides have told him that he cannot receive Kibaki backing in next polls. That's why Odinga has gone on overdrive against KKK and people who used to serve in KANU and generally Moi's system. So that leaves SK and Odinga on the same political footing!

Nobody knows whether Odinga and SK have met, but since he is a shrewd business person, SK will definately want to protect his business empire, even it it means completely abandoning Kibaki.

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