Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Kenyan minister infects girl with HIV

I don’t listen to Classic 105 FM radio. But a friend has drawn my attention to a caller to the station's breakfast programme today, with a short moving story.

Sandra, 24, said that she has been working for a cabinet minister sitting in the coalition government. The minister, certainly a male MP has since infected her with HIV/AIDS because she has been sleeping with him. ''I thought I had it all, I had nice stuff. I got myself a house, but you see I am in bed right now. I am actually crying, in bed,'' she said, her voice firm.

''I am telling you this from the bottom of my heart,'' she said, sounding quite honest and almost real, and also asking young girls to work hard and avoid sexual relationships for pay!

She sounded sad that, years ago, she did not have anyone to advice her; and that she would have not have done what she did if she had been adviced. Too late now, she said.

Her story sounded quite genuine and real. She sounded educated, with a sort of good high school accent. It is difficult not to believe her. Of course the difficult bit is knowing who the MP/minister she is talking about is? Any clues?

This story though has gone to underscore how a generation of young boys and girls (young adults) in Kenya is rotting fastl; with prominent people with money and influence buying them things in exchange of dangerous sex.

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