Sunday, 27 February 2011

Mudavadi Sees Politics in Bench Sex Photos

Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has said that pictures being circulated on blogs showing several people in sex acts in a public bench in Kakamega are political, and meant to spoil Premier Raila Odinga's tour of western Kenya this weekend!

West FM radio quotes Mudavadi speaking in what appears foolhardy and ridiculous comment on the sex pictures, ignoring the most important element surrounding the pictures - HIV/AIDS. As a leader, he should ideally be speaking about the HIV AIDS, and remotely, moral aspect of this story, as opposed to seeing politics in the same.

It is quite difficult to see how sex parade in a public bench can be linked to politics. National politics at that. He, however, did not explain how he saw politics in the pictures, West FM said. 

Maybe, it is because the pictures in question were taken in Masinde Muliro Gardens in Kakamega, the venue of Odinga's weekend rally.

''Mudavadi said the photos are political and thus called upon anybody who has seen the photos not to take the issue seriously and called upon the people spreading the photos to stop immediately saying they were in bad taste,'' Mudavadi was quoted by West FM radio website as saying.

Meanwhile as Mudavadi spoke, the scale of the sex cartel involving the police may be huge. If the pictures are to be completely believed, then, it may be true that police have been taking bribes to protect the sex parade. There are other yet to be published pictures on the Kakamega sex parade.

It has also since emerged that the husband of one of the women appearing in one of the pictures has spoken out. He is embarrassed and is reportedly divorcing her.

We are looking for a clip of Mudavadi speaking; and we will post it here shortly.

See the West FM story here:

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  1. We have since heard that Muliro garden has since been cleansed following this drama!