Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Star Publishes Kakamega Sex Pictures!

The Nairobi Star - or The Star newspaper - has published one of the pictures from the Kakamega bench sex drama, seeking to claim it rightful position as a tabloid, but promising to raise a storm before being accepted by an otherwise conservative Kenyan audience.

This is the first time in Kenya a newspaper - not the yellow press - has published a picture of people in sex scene, or what appears to be one!

Generally speaking, The Star has always been sensational in its reporting on news - often seeking angles that seek the newspaper more than traditionally getting the story right. Now, with the publication of this picture, they are hoping to realize two things: 1) Raise circulation, 2) Stir storm in the largely conservative nation.

Interestingly, to show how well throughout the decision to publish this picture was arrived at, the newspaper carried an editorial on the same subject, but commenting that public parks have been neglected in the country.

(Above is one of the two pictures The Star published. The other one it published is what we earlier published under post:)

My take: This story (or the picture) is seeking to delineate newspaper market. They want to have their own readership, and end this fight for audience with the Daily Nation and The Standard. They are seeking to draw to themselves a generation of people who get to read The Star daily, looking for scandals, much like UK's The Sun's 7.7million readers! Or The Daily Mail.

Somebody better tell The Star that, a market for the young generation of people - the like the people the Americans have been giving 3.6bn shillings in recent months - does not exist! It is available in the UK, France, Italy, USA, etc. Not in Nairobi; not in Kenya.

The sad bit is that that audience that The Star is looking for is nowhere. Well, strictly speaking, the young people who would buy such scandalous and outrageous content do not have the money to buy it. The middle-class with Toyotas buy the Daily Nation, and sometimes The Standard. People need to know the cost of fuel, food, etc, not some sex pictures in print!

Note: This approach will likely backfire badly on sales for the newspaper!

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