Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Raila Says 2008 Killings Were Planned

Raila Odinga has said that the 2008 violence was systematically organized (and planned)! This is quite shocking indeed in light of the fact that it was in his name - more or less - that the deadly violence that killed over 1,000 was fought.

Even more controversial is that, since 2008, he has often said that the chaos that erupted across the country was spontaneous, following claims by his party that the poll was rigged in favour of President Kibaki.

The change in stand is really very worrying indeed for a man who wants to be the next leader of Kenya. Whether the violence was planned is another story, although I believe that it is quite farfetched saying the violence was planned. This is because, ahead of the poll in 2007, it was clear Odinga was wining the poll - so there was no need to plan any violence.

In the latest comments by Odinga, he said: "Killing 1,300 people is not an easy or simple task…. Something very serious must have been done in Kenya to lead to the death of 1,300 people."

It means that some Kenyans are planning to vote for someone who is so fidgety about his stand on issues of grave importance.

Even sounding sort of demented, he said that he is prepared to face charges if he is found to have been behind the murders.

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