Sunday, 20 March 2011

Massive Military Might in Libya Attacks

It has been a display of massive military might as French, British, and American military launched ferocious air and missile strikes against Muammar Gaddafi's military. I am just amazed at the scale!

Some of the most sophisticated weaponry has been used in the attack, even as it becomes difficult to tell how this will end!
Rafale fighter
According to reports, several missiles were fired from US and British ships and submarines in the Mediterranean, targeting tanks, radar systems, surface-to-air missile launchers and communications facilities, effectively disabling Gadafi's military power.
At least 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles were used against 20 military/comm facilities across the country, most along the Mediterranean coast.
Tomahawk cruise missile
This missile - designed for medium- to long-range, low-altitude conditions - was launched from under the sea! This cruise missile is over 1,300 kgs.

UK's Tornado bombers were in use! This military aircraft flies at supersonic speed, with ground-attack capacity, capable of taking off and landing in short distances.

Tornado bomber
At least 20 French Mirage and Rafale fighter planes bombed facilities in Benghazi.
Mirage 2000 jet
American officials have said B-2 stealth bombers were also involved in the raids.

B-2 stealth bomber
F-16 fighter jets are on standby. It is not clear if they have been used.

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