Tuesday, 22 February 2011

ICC to manipulate process to try Kenyans

One of the world's most respected opinion magazines, The Economist, has said that the International Criminal Court badly needs to succeed in the Kenya case, not least to impress upon the Japanese and German governments to contribute its over 100m-dollar annual budget.

Now, the ICC must succeed with the Kenya case even if it means rigging some processes or screwing up the entire process, just to make sure it succeeds with the Kenya case. Now, succeeding in this case is having at least two people tried, even if they are acquitted at the end. That is all it wants. This blog is privy to information that the ICC will make sure that the trial of some Kenyans at The Hague-based court goes ahead. America is backing this!

''The ICC badly needs the Kenyan case to succeed, not least to stiffen Japanese and German willingness to continue contributing the largest share of its $100m-plus budget. Missteps and dithering are indeed damaging,'' The Economist says in the current edition, adding that already, the court's chief prosecutor, has made mistakes.

ICC ''judges in the Kenyan case upbraided Moreno-Ocampo for releasing the names of the suspects before the court had ruled that they could be tried. Not all the ICC’s failings can be blamed on him. But some of the criticism sticks,'' The Economist said.

We have published in this blog in the pasts that the ICC is never about justice, rather it is a pawn in foreign power’s chess game. USA is not a member of the ICC, but is backing the court for the sake of its own interest. I cannot allow Kenya to got to the dogs, -  another violence? NO - lest the likes of Fazul Abdullah and the terrorists in Somalia to come and operate in Nairobi; Kenya interior.

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