Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Strong Valerie Kimani makes a comeback

Actress and reality TV star Valerie Kimani makes a major comeback to public limelight later tonight (29 Sept), after disappearing for almost a year. She has been out of public view since she got pregnant, with controversy surrounding the identity of the father of the baby.

He appearance at French Cultural Centre will be Valerie's second public appearance, after attending a function at Nairobi's prestigious The Tribe Hotel last week. Tonight's, though, will be a major one as she is expected to speak about how she has been over the past 13 months or so.

She has told her friends that her voice will not break, and her performance will be a sort of launch back to public limelight - with a stronger face.

She wants to make a point that she is a strong woman - and indeed her friends say she is. She will be performing with Suzanna Owiyo at the French Cultural Centre (29th September) starting early evening.

Valerie, px from her Twitter a/c
Valerie Kimani has not been in public since she became pregnant sometime last year. She has had a baby. The last major role that Valerie took part in was Mo Faya; a political musical performance.
Tabloid The Star said the creative director of the play, Eric Wainaina, got romantically involved with Valerie. The paper suggested that Wainaina is the father of the baby, and bloggers said that was indeed true. Before Mo Faya, she played a role in Shuga, an MTV-funded TV drama about on HIV/AIDS.

On 27 September, Valerie tweeted: ''On feels great to be back! Catch me on the 29th of October alongside Suzanna Owiyo on 'The Stage' French Cultural Centre. A day earlier, she had tweeted, ''excited! I feel brand new. I'm a new mum, so sleep-deprived''.

The most recent time she tweeted was in April and earlier in January 2010 when she wrote: ''What a year! Heard all the opinions, read all the blogs. Wondering if critics are now expecting that I roll over and die?''. This was in reference to social media and newspaper reports that she had been pregnant, and she had refused to speak about the identity of the father of the baby.

See you at the French Cultural Centre, later.

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