Thursday, 9 September 2010

Senegalese prostitutes return to work as Ramadan ends

Ramadan will be coming to an end tomorrow or Saturday, with Eid celebrations expected to be observed by Muslim faithful.

But lost to the excitement of the season is the fact that some other people will be celebrating too, for a totally different, yet related reason.

This blog does not subscribe to any news agency. But this story on prostitution, versus Ramadan carried by AP is too sexy to be ignored.

''It has been a rough month for sex workers'' in Senegal during the holy month, with very low sales and returns.
 There has absolutely been no business. This is because, although prostitution is legal in this country, 94 percent of the population is Muslim - meaning that clients are unavailable.

Its end means return to business.

During Ramadan, Muslims don’t eaten all day, refrain from drinking, smoking and having sex. During the months, sex is allowed only among spouses - at night. Meaning the rest will have to look elsewhere.

Ramadan marks the time when the Koran was first revealed to Prophet Mohammed. Muslims are encouraged to become more spiritual during this period by praying more, reciting the Koran and giving alms to the poor - while at the same time abstaining from sex out of wedlock.

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