Monday, 13 September 2010

Spooky mix of killings and love stalking Kenya

Strange things are happening in Kenya.

Over the past two or so years, all Kenyan FM radios have been discussing relationships every day. The shows have highlighted the frustrations that the people of Kenya have been facing in seeking relationships, or being in relationships. There is a sense of frustration with these relationships.

Now, in early September, a Nigerian pastor, Chris Ojigbani, tells desperate single Nairobi women that it is easy to ''get married without delay''.

While entering the venue of the meeting, thousands of women fought, shoved and screamed to listen to the "apostle of marriage'', Chris Ojigbani.

Preaching for several hours, the pastor told the women: ''Good men are not all taken. By the end of today, you will get your suitor. The spirit has told me that one of you by morning will have four suitors. Now, who will you choose?''
Pastor Chris Ojigbani runs a ministry called ''Covenant Singles and Married Ministries''.

A week later, 27-year-old man Alex Mwaura was shot in the head a day before he was due to marry on 11 September. His fiancee, Maureen Nduta, a nurse, was shot in the chest. She was still in hospital by 13 September.

The attack happened as Mr Mwaura dropped her at her father's home just outside Nairobi at around 8.30pm. Kenyan newspapers say the two couple had dated for three years since Mwaura returned from UK where he was studying.

Sometime in late August, another couple was carjacked in Langata, with the man being killed, adn the partner wounded. I think she is out of hospital now.

It is so difficult to connect a running thread with these issues, although it is so easy to see something.
I will post the results of homework on this subject soon.

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