Sunday, 5 September 2010

Panic as ''Death Calls'' reach Tanzania

Twenty-four hours after the authorities asked Tanzanians to ignore messages warning  against receiving calls from some telephone numbers, there is still some panic among many.

Messages were still being forwarded today on Sunday, even after the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority said the threats were a hoax.

The text message forwards first appeared in Tanzania on 1 September, when Kenya was just getting over the same hoax.

Interestingly, the same text message and e-mail forwards were the same ones that sparked panic in Kenya (see posts below) around the same time. It seems that some people in Kenya forwarded the text messages to some friends/numbers in Tanzania.

By today, there was fear among mobile phone users, with many still ignoring calls from numbers they don’t know of.

The message that was circulated in Kenya and Tanzania started in Pakistan in 2007!

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