Monday, 23 August 2010

What ails the Tanzanian president?

President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania has collapsed in public for the third time in a few years, even as the state continues to say so little about what really ails the 60-year-old economist.

President Kikwete at the World Economic Forum
When Kikwete collapsed in Mwanza to the north in 2009, his physician said he was OK, save for "a lot of blood in his body'', generally playing down his possible health problems.
And over the weekend, while launching his presidential re-election campaign in Dar es Salaam, he fell and was taken ill, 15 minutes into his speech.

He was held by members of his security detail before hitting the ground and carried off the podium to a mobile clinic behind the stage. He came back to the podium 15 minutes later, announcing that he will end the fast, and that the opposition is untested to run the country.
President Kikwete is a Muslim and has been fasting.
Kikwete in one of the meet-the-people tour
The last time he collapsed was on 4 October 2009, and earlier in 2005 while campaigning. Interesting enough, the Tanzanian media does not seem keen on asking if there is a bigger underlying problem to do with the health of the president.
At the rally where he collapsed in, the ruling CCM leader also criticized Internet campaigns by individuals he accused of spreading falsehoods against the party and its leaders. 
It is the internet that has been carrying reports claiming that Kikwete is sick, maybe with incurable disease. One wonders what is with the health of African leaders! Or, maybe Kikwete is healthy after all!

Meanwhile, this blog preidicts a massive win for Kikwete and his CCM in mainland in October elections.

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