Thursday, 19 August 2010

South Sudan's animal and fruit-shaped towns! huh

South Sudan, a dusty and decrepit outpost south of the largely developed Arab-north is seeking 10bn dollars to remake its towns to have shapes similar to those of wild animals, as the region prepares to attain what will possibly be its independence in January 2011!

Beyond that, there are no tarmac roads in southern Sudan, while other basic services such as electricity and sewage are a luxury. The region is struggling to recover after a civil war of more than two decades-long. 

Now, the authorities in the semi-autonomous region say they are talking with investors to raise the 10 billion dollars they need to reshape some of its towns to look like a giraffe, a rhino, and like a pineapple. All these in the name of ''bringing order to the city's [actually town's] chaotic layout''.

Southern Sudan's government budget for 2010 budget was 1.9 billion dollars.

Is it really a priority to undertake such fanciful projects on the eve of your independence?

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