Monday, 23 August 2010

Thirty planes for Kenya constitution gala! Vanity

This blog submits that it is not right for Kenya to display its tanks, planes and boats on 27 August when President Mwai Kibaki will be promulgating the new constitution.

It is ok for the east African nation to showcase its parade of soldiers but utterly pointless to fly 30 planes across Nairobi sky in the name of celebration. 

This is not to downplay the significance of the day, but rather to realize that Kenya has got other more pressing problems that can be eased using the money that would have been used to fuel the planes.
On Sunday night, Kenyan television showed a military rehearsal, of what will happen on Friday. The military put on display fighter jets, tanks, helicopters, cargo carriers, telecommunication equipment and other weaponry rarely seen, unless in war situation.

What else constitutes vanity!

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