Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Kenya's Zain taunts Safaricom

Kenya's second biggest mobile telephony firm has raised stakes in a bitter fight over market share with its main competitor.

Zain Kenya, recently acquired by India's Bharti Airtel, took its fight for market in the nation of 20 million mobile phone users, to the doorstep of Safaricom, the country's biggest mobile telephony firm. The combat continued even as Zain told Reuters that it is planning to invest more than 25 billion shillings (308.1m dollars) in the next 18 months in a bid to gain market leadership in Kenya.

Zain Kenya HQ (not so recent px)
On 25 August, Zain chastised Safaricom after the market leader, a day after the firm reduced its calling charges. Safaricom was responding to Zain's reduction of calling and text messaging charges to the lowest level in the country.

In two spreads in Kenya's two main daily newspapers, and against a green background - the official colour of Safaricom - Zain asked: ''Are you on a permanent tariff or a promotion, Do you pay a higher price and still get congestion?''. In the next page (each page cost an average of 180,000 Kenya shillings) Zain twisted Safaricom's slogan - the better option- and said, Switch to Zain, the best option!

Safaricom has been known for network congestion and short-term offers. Its offer to counter Zain's shocker is a one month offer.

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