Sunday, 2 October 2011

Caroline Mutoko Defends Sex Toys, Adopts Child

With the baby, from her Facebook account
Caroline Mutoko is returning to work after taking a couple of weeks from Kiss 100 Big Breakfast to bond with her new love, in her new relationship.

The Queen of radio in Kenya announced in September that she had adopted a child, a few weeks after defending women who use sex toys because of the supposed failure of their husbands and boyfriends to satisfy them, sexually.

Without suggesting whether she will be getting married, Ms Mutoko wrote in September  that she had adopted a baby girl - Theodora Nduku - from a children's home and said she was happy.

The young woman who wrote the column last month in The Star newspaper was a humble, lovable person who liked being referred to as Mama, and who referred to the adopted kid as sweetheart - far from the brutally frank and almost demented girl who wrote about sex a few weeks earlier.

''Women need sex. Not a tiresome headboard pounding, but a toe-curling experience. It’s good for our immune system... and the ticket to a good night’s sleep,'' Ms Mutoko wrote in early July.

''I guess our worst crime as women in the bedroom is that we have never vocalized what we want and need. The average man is clueless as it is and the way sex works – a man is guaranteed –ahhh- how do I say this – a great finish. Women have nothing to gain from a sexual encounter and especially if the man in question is clueless about what brings her pleasure,'' she wrote then.

''Theodora Nduku, my daughter, my heart, my love... Words fail me. I love you deeply, totally. Thank you for teaching me simplicity, humility and bringing such joy and balance into my world,'' she wrote, four weeks later.

She did not elaborate what balance she was speaking of in the article. I wish her all the best in her new love.

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