Monday, 12 September 2011

Hundreds Die in Kenya Capital Petrol Fire

Over 100 people are feared to have burnt to death in a fire incident in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, local media say, a tragedy similar to another blaze that killed over 140 in early 2009.

State broadcaster Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) said in its 1pm news broadcast on 12 September that over 150 may have died in the incident which happened along Lunga Lunga Road in the Nairobi's Industrial Area.

The fire started when villagers in nearby Sinai slum tried to siphon fuel from a leaking Kenya Pipeline Company pipe, KBC said.

 ''The death toll is likely to reach 200 with spontaneous explosions reported along the pipeline that passes through the sprawling slum,'' the broadcaster added in a website report.

Capital FM radio reporter Bernard Momanyi at the scene said he had counted at least 70 bodies that were being retrieved.

Leading Daily Nation newspaper website said that its reporter had counted 73 ''badly burnt bodies'' at the scene.

In January 2009, 145 people died in two fire incidents in Nairobi and in western Rift Valley Province.

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