Thursday, 13 October 2011

Kenyan Radio Plays Nicole, Muturi Sex Supplication Clip

This is the most explicit audio clip I have ever heard.  Well, it is the most explicit audio I have heard yet from Kenyan characters.

Nicole and Muturi are the two people here, and the conversation is in Swahili. Basically, in the audio, Nicole is supplicating for sex from Muturi.

Nicole: I wanted to be fuc***
Muturi: At this time?
Nicole: Yes
Muturi: Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Nicole: Muturi, please, just come now
Muturi: Where?
Nicole: My place?
Muturi: But I have slept?
Nicole: So can I come?
Muturi: No, you will make me fail to go to work tomorrow.

And then the conversation went on.

Let me start from the start. Earlier today, someone sent me a DM on Twitter telling me that there was an audio clip being circulated by e-mail featuring a ''couple'' arguing about sex.

So, in between some many things I was doing, I decided to find time to listen. So I listened and went back to my day job. Now, later this evening, another contact alerted me that Kiss FM wanted to play the clip, and they actually did, but with beeps to drown out about 9 words.

Apparently, the audio was posted to the audio distribution platform Sound Cloud earlier today, and circulated earlier by e-mail. It is not clear when it was recorded.

My take is, it looks like the call was made by Nicole, pleading with Muturi for sex. But cheekily, Muturi appears fed up with this girl and decided to record the conversation and later uploaded it online.

Nicole had about 18 Kenya shillings on her line when she was calling, assuming she was calling on either Safaricom or Zain line. From the conversation, she was calling him at just about 9pm local time.

Nicole: I will make you meat.
Muturi: No.
Nicole: Please come, if you don’t find meat, then go back.
Muturi: Aah.
Nicole: (I know) you are hard, in a nice way...
Muturi: Hahaha. I am blushing

Nicole: I am seriously wet

Nicole: You  don’t have to be smart, I just want you.

Nicole: Where do you come from? How can I be pleading with you for p***

And nine seconds later, the conversation ended, hanging. It is not clear, whether at the end of the conversation - 4:34 minutes - Muturi agreed to go to Nicole's place or whether she went herself. Or, if she called back again.

Now, I am still surprised that Kiss 100 drive played the clip!

Hear the clip here: http://soundclo­­/full-version-n­icole-and-mutur­i

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