Sunday, 14 November 2010

Singer Avril's fans defend homosexuality

Fans of the Kenyan R&B musician who is fighting serious controversy over publication of supposed pictures of her in what appears a lesbian act, Avril Nyambura, have created a Facebook page to seek to justify that it is her personal life if she is lesbian or bisexual.

The fans in the newly created page are saying that it is ok to be lesbian, after all, Kenya a free country. It is not clear if the creator of the page knows something about Avril's sexual orientation.

The page ''Leave Avril Nyambura Alone if she is a lesbian Its her life'', ( was created hours after Facebook administrators deleted a mysterious profile belonging to person/s calling themselves ''Avrils Nipols'' in which Avril's pictures were posted earlier this week.

Even though Facebook took down the Avrils Nipols profile, the pictures had already been picked and circulated by e-mail and largely in blogs. The face on the pictures are indeed those of Avril. In one of the pictures, she is seen being held by her breast by a woman with kinky hair (we have published a cropped version of the px).
One of the pxs being circulated
Some blogs have said the pictures are real and not product of doctoring. This blog does not have an idea at all about the authenticity of the pictures, maybe they are real.

Now, the creator of the new Facebook page; ''Leave Avril Nyambura Alone if she is a lesbian Its her life'' says: 

''All lesbian chics are hot good girl Avril. Its her life so get a life and leave her alone after all she was not sleeping with your mother was she?''. Maybe Facebook will take down this page as well.

Avril is signed up to Ogopa Dejays recording label. She is an average musician, not good. She recently released her new single "mama " in which she reflects on day to issues of a young girl in love but her parents not approving of it. The song had been seen 24,000 times on You Tube on 13 November.

To me, this story is not really as much about the pictures, or people's sexual orientation - it is more about how the intternet has placed unparalled power on individuals to create or destroy carreers etc.

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