Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Guidelines on safe anal sex for homosexuals

I don't publish comments of readers in my blog, I suppose I get so busy in my day job to find time to moderate them. Now, when I recently published here that Kenyan is a nation of hypocrites and educated idiots, I had a lot of private messages criticizing me and other people who write in this blog in my name.

I want to repeat this; Kenya is a nation of really odd people; or as it were, hypocrites. This blog is not interested in championing the rights of homosexuals, but we insist here that gayism and lesbianism is no longer an issue of morality, at all.

Let me explain. Last week, I was speaking to four people who campaign for homosexuals in Kenya, and who are gays themselves. You’d like to hear what they said.

In between all that, this past weekend, Raila Odinga, the prime minister, said homosexuals should be arrested. This is nonsense. Odinga represents backward thinking devoid of any reasoning that goes beyond politics.

There are no numbers about homosexuals in Kenya. Maybe the last census should have included a column on sexual orientation! The gay rights activists, who are gay themselves, told me that almost all of them are in marriages, or have girlfriends or generally female partners - and this is when reawakening should start.

With HIV/AIDS problem that is such a massive challenge for the health care delivery system, you start seeing a picture of a nation that is living in shadows. What this means is, anal sex between gays is the most dangerous of any sexual relationships.

To say, these men involved in sexual relationships with other men partners, are quickly spreading HIV to a huge ignorant population. Many of the men who have sex with other men do not have access to health, information of safe anal sex… thanks to comments by people like Raila Odinga and company.

So, it is time the Kenyan nation realizes that homosexuality is not an issue of morality anymore. It is about the health of the nation.

We should see fliers and media ads on ‘‘guidelines on safe anal sex for homosexuals’’. This cannot be as bad, maybe it will just come close to the ongoing government campaigns to reach teenagers with contraceptives - yes serious ones like the coil, pills...

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