Thursday, 25 November 2010

I am worried for Miley Cyrus

I like Miley Cyrus so much; but I am so scared that her career may plummet before taking a steady path. And country music legend Dolly Parton agrees with me.

Ms Parton yesterday told Larry King that she is worried for Miley Cyrus - the nice girl in Hannah Montana series.

Ms Parton said Miley is putting too much pressure on herself to act in a certain way. And the issue for both Ms Patron and me is Miley's recent provocative stage performances and photo shoots, especially one for Vanity Fair a while ago. ''Hopefully she didn't get that from me because I certainly never encouraged her to do any of that... I think she's just in a cross - she's just kind of in a crosswinds,'' Ms Parton told Larry King.

She continued, "I think this day and time life is hard for young people, certainly young girls... you just can't flaunt enough. You can't just do enough. You can't just talk trashy enough or dress trashy enough. It seems to be like if you don't do that you're not in the in crowd.''

Miley Cyrus turned 18 last week - and she realized she needed an identity, reinvention. She is among American teens who are being forced by television and computer screens to grow up pretty fast.

Even before she turned 18, her public display of sexuality has raised concerns that her music career may be dogged by the Hollywood-like infamy - the same route as Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears...

To me, this young woman is painfully trying to shake off the good girl image in Disney's Hannah Montana series, while racing far too fast into adulthood; leaving behind her teen fans. Maybe it is because her parents recently filed for divorce!

I liked her in Hanna Montana, and also in Last Song, the fist serious movie that depicts her in more mature role. Somehow I feel this girl is detesting playing Hannah Montana in the Disney musical drama.

But I am starting to have second thought about liking here after watching some of her perfomances, more and more revealing outfits and her recent video for Who Owns My Heart (seen here - )

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