Monday, 11 April 2011

France Bans Muslim Face Veil

France is moving to defend its secularism - although no one has threatened that secularism.

From today, 11 April, a new law banning garments that hide the face takes effect.

Basically, an Islamic cloth that reveals only the eyes,  while covering the entire head and part of the face - the Niqab - is being banned in the nation of Muslim minorities. Interestingly, this law was drawn without reference to religion.
I am not sure but it is my feeling that with this law, the French government is saying Islam is a threat to French culture!

A woman who repeatedly insists on appearing veiled in public can be fined 150 euros. Anyone forcing a woman to wear face-veil will be jailed.

How it goes with this law will provide guidelines to the rest of Europe on how to deal with this issue.
So, with the new law it is expected that Muslim women in France should be wearing veils that expose their faces - Hijab.

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