Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Gay comment highlights Kenya hypocrisy

Kenya is a nation of massive number of senseless hypocrites and educated idiots. Recent comments by a cabinet minister has illustrated this point.

The brutally bold Minister Esther Murugi recently said that gays and lesbians in the country must be involved in HIV/AIDS programmes. 

After an uproar, with some people asking her to apologize over the remarks, the minister said she will not be cowed by calls to retract her comments.
Murugi had said that the gay/lesbian people who are classified under high risk HIV/AIDS populations also had a right to healthcare like all other Kenyans and should not be stigmatized.

She added that 33 percent of new HIV infections annually came from the high risk populations who include commercial sex workers, intravenous drug users, gays and lesbians.

And now, some mis-educated Christian and Muslim leaders have faulted her comments.

More than 70 church leaders asked President Kibaki to sack her over the remarks. The chair of Kenya National Muslim Advisory Council, Sheikh Juma Ngao, demanded that Murugi resigns or be sacked, saying that the minister ''should create their own country which allows homosexual, lesbian and prostitution acts''.

Now that is where the nonsense begins. Even if gays and lesbians are not integrated into health programmes, they will still engage in their activities, helping push up HIV infection rate in Kenya.

HIV/AIDS is not an issue of moral debate. It is about health!

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