Sunday, 24 October 2010

Document implicates Raila Odinga in chaos

In the past week, I have been busy doing many things and I have not had time to blog as much. I between everything, someone mailed this blog a document that I have found quite interesting. If you have been in Kenya or reading stuff about the country, you probably may have seen some MPs saying Prime Minister Raila Odinga's ODM party had a role in the 2008 violence.

MPs Isaac Ruto and Charles Keter this month said the party's top organ, The Pentagon held several meetings to plan mass protests that resulted in deaths. The two said Odinga should present to the International Criminal Court minutes of the ODM meetings that planned the post-election chaos.

The Pentagon included Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi, William Ruto, Najib Balala, Joe Nyaga and Charity Ngilu, who all serve in the coalition government. Ruto has since been suspended from government over fraud case.

Now, a document claiming to be from the files of ODM has been circulated by e-mail by someone with a gmail account calling itself Hon Charles Keter. In the introduction of the email, the person wrote: ''It is necessary that the Kenyan people know the truth of the events at the meetings that took place at Orange house in Kilimani, and also at Karen, Raila's residence, in January and February 2008.

''Many people will shout, deny and oppose these facts. I do not claim that the Pentagon are murderers, or are more guilty than PNU. But the fact remains that we raised funds to be sent to Rift Valley, and everything that happened was done with the knowledge and approval of the chairman, Raila Odinga.

''If anyone thinks this is not true, let Anyang' Nyong'o submit the exact laptop computer he had at the time to the ICC for forensic testing. He and Raila together with William Ruto, should voluntarily take polygraph tests. Then Kenyans will know who is lying and what really happened. Also check the attached clip of Raila's BBC interview in which he defends the events at Kiambaa as recommended in the preceding meeting.''
(The YouTube clip will not play if you are not in the UK)

Below is the document I converted to word from PDF. I have no idea if it is authentic.

Yo think this document is for real?

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