Friday, 9 December 2011

Orgasm As Teen Philosophy, And The Coming Dangers

So, does teenage orgasm exist?

I was prompted to write about this after a friend blogged about this and later, joined by another friend, opined that teenage sex orgasm was real.
I seek to submit a different view.

As late as the 1970s, some people still believed that female orgasm did not exist. To them, it was a myth made up by the media to emphasize male chauvinism.

But that is not even the issue. I believe that orgasm for teenagers in much of windswept Africa is a philosophy – more or less like thinking about ‘’Mental Purity & Three Fold Yoga’’. Or more pedestrian one like saying for every one thing you regret, there are always 100 more to be thankful for. 

Sex is legal at 16 in England, Scotland and Wales between a man and a woman or between two men. In Northern Ireland sex is legal at 17 between a man and a woman and between two men.

(There is no specific law about the age of consent for sex between two women in the UK)
In much of Africa, is sex even legal? Just asking! For the sake of this argument, lets say 18 years is the *goodness* legal age to have sex.

But before that age, young boys and girls engage in adventurous sex, when as young as 13. For boys, this activity is more in line with getting to watch the first movie, maybe a James Bond, or Rambo, or even a more recent film.

For girls too, it is about the talk that it is possible to have sex and still be alive.
Now for these two categories of human beings, the pull to have sex is not motivated by orgasm or such other sensual excitement… rather the adventure of it.

And that is why then, later in years, looking back, orgasm comes across as some life philosophy for many young people. In early stages of life, orgasm cannot be the pull or push guiding teenagers to engage in sexual relations. 

On whether there should be attempts to stop teenage sex and pregnancies, I don’t think it is worth it. May be it is better to take the route that Kenya has taken; giving these young people contraceptives and condoms.

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